Tuesday, February 22, 2011

First Batch with Lurves!

Salam, Finally!
Our First Batch has arri
To make things easier, we also produce M
agical Closet page in Facebook!
Do check thi
s out!


Whats in our First Ba
tch :

Pink Cardigan RM25.00 (Include Postage)

White Cardigan RM25.00 (Include Postage)

Overall Jeans RM25.00 (Include Postage)

Sweater Size : S
RM30.00 (Include Postage)

Top (White n Grey stripes)
RM15.00 (Include Postage)

T-shirt Green Cartoons
RM15.00 (Include Postage)

T-shirt Dark Green
RM15.00 (Include Postage)

T-shirt Pink
RM15.00 (Include Postage)

To order or any inquiries ,do email us at
at our facebook page.
Thank you for your support!

with lots of love.

Monday, January 24, 2011

the history and the future

So as you can see there are badges, key chain, bookmark and stickers also.
And if you are interested with the items,
do not hesitate to contact as at
thank you.

and now for the future we do planning to orga
nize and categories all our item,
and we will upload them all very s
oon , insya allah.
thank you for your patience.

ah-ha! and here's a picture of my team mate and their projects :

Momoe and her Go Green Advertisement

Yuyu with her House of Cendol corporate ID and menu book

Aien with her Sweet Cupcakes Corporate ID and packaging.

how i really miss our good old days!
thank you for reading :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

new introduction guys :)

hey people! i'm sorry but i have to make a new introduction. the last post was on january 2010.
that's so embarrassing. however a year has gone, an
d we finally gain new spirit
to share with you people about what we think.

as i said before this is a place where you can buy a very cheap clothes, and yes most of them are used,
however we still keep the quality guaranteed (of course we wont sell you kain buruk :P ).
we also will provide hurmmm a few video ; tutorials maybe. just chec
k it out soon. :D
and also (this is what i'm excited the most!), we will share a few style that we loved.
it was like having a lookbook and on9 shoppe under one roof. :)

and if u're interested to provide some of your clothes or acce
ssories, yes! you are most welcome to do so. :D

at last, but not least, i'll introduce you our team members :
Me! Laila , Yuyu, Aien, and Momoe <3

Saturday, January 30, 2010


alrite gurls n guys!! Magical Closet ini adalah masih baru.

Magical Closet ni ditubuhkan adalah utk melangsungkan urusan jual beli secara riang ria oleh kita semua.

so, kami yg terdiri dari beberapa anak gadis yg muda, lincah lg comel akan memberikan pilihan-pilihan pakaian yg cantik2, simple, unik dan menarik utk anda semua. pakaian2 yang kami sediakan adalah pakaian yg terpakai yg telah kami beri nafas baru dan menjadikan pakaian2 terpakai tersebut nmpk lebih cantik dan menarik. (^^,)

bersesuaian dengan nama brand kami iaitu Magical Closet yang bermaksud..ermm almari penuh magis.. (^0^) secara simboliknya kami telah menyediakan sebuah almari yg penuh magis iaitu almari yang mempunyai pakaian-pakaian yang cantik dan unik lagi menarik..dan apa yang lebih hebat lagi, harga nya tidaklah mahal..(tu yg mustahak) (",)

yeayyy!! kami sebenarnya sangat teruja atas projek mini ini dan berharap mendapat sokongan padu dari anda semua!! pendapat dan cadangan anda juga amat kami alu-alukan..terima kasih banyak2.. anda juga boleh menyumbangkan pakaian2 terpakai anda dan kami akan memberikan goodies bag sbg tanda penghargaan.. thanks a lot!!

with lots of lurve,
Magical Closet.

p/s:maaf sekiranya ayat2 diatas seperti membuat report assignment..haha!!