Sunday, January 16, 2011

new introduction guys :)

hey people! i'm sorry but i have to make a new introduction. the last post was on january 2010.
that's so embarrassing. however a year has gone, an
d we finally gain new spirit
to share with you people about what we think.

as i said before this is a place where you can buy a very cheap clothes, and yes most of them are used,
however we still keep the quality guaranteed (of course we wont sell you kain buruk :P ).
we also will provide hurmmm a few video ; tutorials maybe. just chec
k it out soon. :D
and also (this is what i'm excited the most!), we will share a few style that we loved.
it was like having a lookbook and on9 shoppe under one roof. :)

and if u're interested to provide some of your clothes or acce
ssories, yes! you are most welcome to do so. :D

at last, but not least, i'll introduce you our team members :
Me! Laila , Yuyu, Aien, and Momoe <3


  1. kte suda follow kamu...
    klu free follow la kte..hehe..(:

  2. wien! ouh xfollow lg ek.
    on my way!!

    yeayy yuyu there!!
    yg gmbr nye ade kat post nih :)